Tipuri de FEMEI & Types of Women

Femeie Virus
Cand te astepti cel mai putin, se instaleaza in apartamentul tau si se face stapana. Daca incerci sa o dezinstalezi, pierzi multe lucruri.
Daca nu, o sa pierzi totul.

Femeia Internet
Trebuie sa platesti ca sa ai acces la ea.

Femeia Server
Intotdeauna e ocupata cand ai nevoie de ea.

Femeia Windows
Stii ca are multe defecte, dar nu poti trai fara ea.

Femeia Macintosh
Atragatoare, fara cusur, destul de scumpa, dar nu prea compatibila cu altele; doar 5 la suta dintre barbati cunosc placerea de a o avea.

Femeia PowerPoint
Ideala pt a o prezenta la petreceri, mese de afaceri, etc.

Femeia Excel
Se zic e ca stie sa faca multe lucruri, dar tu o folosesti doar pt functia bazica.

Femeia Word
Intotdeauna te asteapta cu surprize si nu exista nimeni in lume care sa o inteleaga pe deplin.

Femeia DOS
Toti au avut-o o data, dar nimeni n-o mai vrea acum.

Femeia Backup
Crezi ca are destul, dar la ora de “sa vedem” ii lipseste ceva…

Femeia Scandisk
Stim ca e buna si ca vrea sa ajute, dar in realiate nimeni nu stie ce face.

Femeia Screensaver
Nu foloseste la nimic, dar te amuza.

Femeia Paintbrush
Toata machiaj si nimic de fond…

Femeia Harddisk
Isi aminteste de toate, tot timpul.

Femeia Utilizator
Nu face nimic bine si vesnic te intreaba cate ceva.

Femeia E-mail
Din fiecare 10 fraze pe care le zice, 9 sunt tampenii.

computer woman table
computer for women
Types of Computer Women
mail woman

Virus Woman
She installs in your apartment and play the boss. If you try to uninstall, you loose some stuff.
If you don’t, you’ll loose everything.

Internet Woman
You have to pay to have access and woman of difficult access.

Server Woman
Always busy when you want her.

Windows Woman
You know that she have many bugs, but you can’t live without her.

Macintosh Woman
Attractive, almost perfect, costs more money, but not so compatible with others. Only 5% of men have the pleasure to get her.

PowerPoint Woman
She i€™s ideal for party presentations, business meals, etc.

Excel Woman
They said that she knows many things, but you have her only for basic things.

Word Woman
Always she waits you with surprises and there is nobody can understand her.

DOS woman: everyone has had her at least once, but no one wants
her anymore.

SCANDISK woman: you know that she is good and that she only
wants to help you, but you never know what she is really doing that

SCREENSAVER woman: she is not worth anything, but at least she’s fun!

RAM woman: she forgets everything you say when you disconnect her.

HARD-DISK woman: she remembers everything, FOR EVER.

MULTIMEDIA woman: she makes mundane things look beautiful.

MICROSOFT woman: she want to have the domination over all the
men she meets, and she tries to convince them that this is the best
thing for them. She will do as best as she can to make you fight
against the other women, she promises you that you will have
everything you want if you will give her your address book. Before
you find it out, she will be the only one in your life. It will come the
day you will need her permission to open your refrigerator or to start
your car.

PASSWORD woman: you believe to be the only one knowing her,
but in reality all the world does….

MP3 woman: everybody wants to play with her…

USER woman: She screws up everything she does and she always
asks for more than she needs.

CPU woman: From outside, she looks like she can do anything, but
from inside she is empty…

MONITOR woman: She makes life looks more interesting.

DVD-ROM woman: she is always faster and faster.

Newsletter woman: she keeps you informed of
everything, except of what you really want to know.

E-MAIL woman: Out of every ten things she says, eight are shit.

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