I’m the man

Last night I took a girl to my house to have sex. After the first number I ask:
– We go one more?
– Yes, why not … I responds smiling.
Then I shouted:
– Steven, come and you man!

threesome sex, sex in trei

sad threesome, sex in trei ratat

food threesome, sex in trei mancat

Evening on a park bench, a boy and a girl. The guy permamently touches her back. Finally she asks:
– What are you doing?
– Looking for tits.
– Boobs are in front!
– There I have already searched.

woman dream

Aseara am dus o fata la mine acasa sa facem sex. Dupa primul numar o intreb:
– Mai merge unu?!
– Da, de ce nu… imi raspunde zambind.
Atunci am strigat:
– Cristi, hai si tu ba!

menage a trois funny

Ménage à trois with lawyer

Ménage à trois with handsome

Seara pe o banca in parc, un baiat si o fata. Tipul ii atinge in permamenta spatele. In cele din urma ea intreaba:
– Ce faci?
– Caut sanii.
– Sanii sunt in fata!
– Acolo am cautat deja.

deer menage a trois

one, two, threesome

threesome double personality


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